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How Many Times Does Your Baby Wake in the Night?

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Age: 4.5 month boy

    # of Wakes:
    Slept through at 4 months and thought we were home free, but has now started waking 1-3 random times for the last week

    Why: I'm sure it's because he can't get back to sleep on his own / self settle - my fault as I have been feeding him right to sleep (naps and bedtime). It's not hunger as I can tell how hungry he is from the amount he takes at 10.30pm and his early morning feed. Another indicator is that he also wakes at exactly the 45min mark during his 2 hour lunch time nap and can't settle back without assistance.

    Breast or bottle or both?
    Breast for all except one bottle of formula or EBM at 10.30pm (we wake him).

    Why do you think your baby wakes/sleeps through?

    He was doing brilliantly and on a great routine (my own amended version of Gina Ford) and even began to sleep through UNTIL I started to consistently feed him right to sleep (previously I would feed him until he was drowsy then put him in bed with the dummy.

    I fell into the habit of feeding him right to sleep more and more often and didn't realise it would have such a negative effect on his sleeping patterns.

    As a result, I started CIO today (a gentle form)....

    My 2 year old is a champion sleeper and slept through from 5.5 months BUT only after a session of CIO also. She was a multiple night waker before that and it was ALL about not knowing how to self settle and associating milk with getting to sleep (she was fed all EBM from a bottle).

    Some babies are just quick to make sleep associations. Despite swearing to do it right with no. 2, the exhaustion meant all my good intentions went out the window! I was also so pleased the BF worked (no. 1 didn't latch) so prob. didn't see the danger of feeding to sleep...

    One factor could also be that from 6 weeks onward I fed him a bottle of EBM in the night when he woke. This was to ensure he took a good amount of milk to get through to morning and also to make it about 'food' and not comfort. Once he started sleeping through to 6am, I ditched the bottle and fed directly. So the 'comfort' of this, combined with the feeding to sleep, may have caused the night wakings to increase.

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    Suv is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Age: 8.5 month boy

    # of Wakes: Every odd once in a while. Has been sleeping through since 6 months.

    Why: May be 1 or 2 times max if he is jetlagged or his sleep cycle gets broken for some reason.

    Breast or bottle or both? n/a, breast when he used to wake up around 4.5 months/ before 13 lb mark.

    Why do you think your baby wakes/sleeps through? We taught him to self soothe. Also we don't show up in his room as soon as he wakes up- we give him around 10 min (depending how loud or what kind of his noises they are) to go back to sleep. Also got rid of the monitor since our rooms are so close- he would go back to sleep but I would end up wide awake. We have key words, a lion he reads his goodnight book with and both get ****es before going to sleep together. I stopped nursing at night once he reached 13lbs (I had read after this weight, babies don't need food, its mostly habit)- I made sure he was full during the day.

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009

    Hey SZJ,

    I think you already know this about my son but:

    Number of Night Wakings: Currently, None.
    -0-5.5 months, slept 45 minutes at a shot, around the clock
    -5.5 months on started sleeping 12 hours straight with one to two night feedings up until about 12 months old
    -14-15 months no night feedings

    Why: We have no idea why he didn't sleep well in the beginning but reason that it's partly his personality and partly because we didn't know how to set a schedule for him until he was about 6 months old.

    Since setting a schedule his night wakings were because:
    -He was hungry because he didn't eat a big enough dinner/he was going through a growth spurt
    -He was unsettled because of a very active day--this still happens when he goes to see his Chinese relatives at big holiday dinners--he has night-mares and wakes up
    -He is over-tired and beyond exhaustion and just has a hard time staying asleep
    -He was going through "separation anxiety" where he would wake calling out to see if we were still there (right around 8-12 months-old)
    -He had jet-lag and/or was in a new/strange place
    -We messed with his schedule and he got to bed too late too many nights in a row
    -We (the parents) were particularly stressed-out over something (had been arguing or there was tension) and he sensed it and was unsettled and didn't want to go to sleep
    -He is ill

    Breast/Bottle/Both?: Breast at night until 5.5 months (bottle during the day), Bottle afterward, No bottle since 14 months

    Why do you think your baby sleeps through: He has a good routine throughout the day and a pretty relaxed and soothing evening, gets plenty of activity that tires him out during the day and he eats a lot that keeps him full at night. And...he just adjusted to it...we tried to get him to sleep better at an earlier age but it just had to be the "right time" for him to get into the hang of it. We did "our part" by setting a routine and waited it out until he got the hang of it.

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    i should say that both of my kids were fantastic sleepers UNTIL 6 months old. my daughter slept through the night or at a minimum 6 hour stretches from about 10 days old!!!

    when both of my kids learned to roll over or pull themselves to standing, it was all over. they could stand up, but didn't know how to sit back down again. and they would wail and wail. so from 6 months on, they woke at night.

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    geomum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
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    We used to rock our 16 month old daughter to sleep till about 2 months ago when we sleep trained her to sleep on her own. It took us 2- 3 days but it worked like magic. Since she started sleeping on her own she stopped waking up in the night automatically. She used to wake up 2- 3 times in the night before this for breastfeeding. So now she sleeps for 11 hours 7pm- 6am straight without waking up.

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    Suv is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Hong Kong

    My son also would wake up crying when he managed to stand up in his sleep and did not know how to go back down. I knew his standing up cry from others so would respond immediately and help him down even if it took 4-5 tries over an hour or so while saying key words. We would practice sliding/ moving hands down crib bars and bending knees during the day. I think that helped tremendously at night- within a week the issue was resolved.

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    When our baby was 6 months we had just started him on baby rice and were still giving the dream feed at 10pm ish. We would give him some solids at 5.30pm, then milk at 7pm (BF), bed from 7pm to 10pm, get him up without waking and give a bottle of formula then back to bed. He would then sleep through to 7am.

    Good luck

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    I see a pattern here. The ones of us that BF to sleep, those seem to be the night wakers...
    I used to do the dream feed, but then he started waking in anticipation. And then I read that you should phase it out by 7-8 months so I haven`t bothered again.
    Sazzy, I will try your method. At least I hope I can when I`m half asleep in the night:)
    Well, at least I have some company somewhere in HK in the middle of the night~

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