my son is also turning 2 and he is very, very active (im exhausted all the time ;) At this age, i will not include any "structured" game on a party as their attention span is very short and i doubt if they could follow the mechanics of a maybe just set up a safe area where they could play on their own (yes, they are not that interested to play with other kids yet)

On his 1st bday, he had a Peter Pan themed party and games are only for older kids... for young ones here's what iv done:

- blew up an inflatable pool (it was a pirate ship) and filled it with plastic balls
- we also had tee pees/tent as Tiger Lily's tribe dwellings, we've put pillows, the babies loved crawling and hiding inside

For his 2nd bday, i will do something that includes his favorite things/activities:

- running around
- silly dancing (barney, mickey mouse style such as hotdog dance or "if ur happy and u know it, clap ur hands.....)
- blowing bubbles
- play dohs