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Holding in Poo

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    rach is offline Registered User
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    Holding in Poo

    My son is just over 2 and half years. he has had a few problems with constipation which have worsened in the last few months (we tried potty training it seemed to go ok except when he appeared to be having trouble doing a poo). i thought he was pushing but i realise now he is holding it in.....we have tried diet (he doesn't eat much veg) but after research and some discussion of other non veg eaters I don't think this is the problem. i think he is maybe holding it in because of previous constipation and pain or just because he has some control issues or something!!! who knows but i would like any advice to help him.... tried suppostories they sometimes work but not a long term solution, tried milk of magnesia but was a bit messy and distressing.

    some threads mentioned paed specialising in gastroen issues - any recommendations, the solution seems to be softening poo for a long period so they learn not to be scared but it is difficult to achieve this even with all my attempts to hide veg and get him to have more fibre (he does have a good diet).

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    prune juice / pears / bananas...dragon fruit is VERY good in small quantities (if he'll eat it)are something you can add to his diet (if you already have it, perhaps increase the quantity) as these help one poo....

    hope this helps...

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    "we have tried diet (he doesn't eat much veg) but after research and some discussion of other non veg eaters I don't think this is the problem."

    I am afraid your research is slightly faulty vegetables are high in dietary fiber and essential not only from nutritional point of view but for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains and fruits are also high in dietary fiber.
    If you are looking for a long term solution to your child's constipation then altering his diet to include more fiber and fluids is the only way to go. You must also try to look into: Is he drinking enough water? Does his diet include too much processed foods?

    Here is a link for more info:
    Dietary fiber: An essential part of a healthy diet -

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    Bumps Guest

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    I had a similiar problem with my now 4.5 year old from about when he was toliet trained. He refused all fruit and veg, and as a result he found pooing very painful. Things have improved naturally, however for a long time it was of concern to us. One thing I did find in a chemist in Stanley are some American fibre dietary supplements called Yummi bears. They are just like jelly sweets, and are American. I gave him 2 a day and these helped. I would have preferred him to eat veg but that was never going to happen, so these were the best option. I have now started taking hints from the book deliciously deceptive and have started hiding veg in his food, and he doesnt seem to notice.

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    Bumps Guest

    Mel_g20 - I love that book!

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    If you can't get enough juice/water/fruit into him, try syringing undiluted prune juice into his mouth.

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    We put Ellas kitchen 'squeezie' packets into the fridge and have successfully convinced her these are a treat. because they are veg with a fruit base, they taste sweet (e.g. a favorite is broccoli, pear and pea). The 'sucking it out' action makes it more fun.

    I make home made versions also and freeze in popsicle moulds for eating in the summer.

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