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Doesnt want her milk!

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    wan is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2009

    Doesnt want her milk!

    My baby is turning 11 mths soon. Recently she seems to dislike her milk. Only drinking 2oz to 4oz each feed which she normally can finish 6oz. She is eating solids (congee/pasta, fruits & yoghurt) well, twice a day and with 4 milk feeds (6oz per feed).

    How much should a 11 mth old baby be taking milk in a day?


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    Sazzy is offline Registered User
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    I think that you should follow your baby's lead. When my baby was 12 months, she was on 3 solid meals a day and 2 milk feeds - one in the morning and one before bedtime.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    am in the same situation as you wan...but instead of 4 milk feeds I only give her 3 milk feeds at 6oz each. actually, i cut the number of feeds to 3 milk feeds because she was only drinking like 2/3 oz at lunch time, so now instead of feeding her milk at lunch (after solids), I put the milk into her food at lunch and she only gets one
    I give her a bigger meal for lunch and no milk afterwards...easier for me and I don't have to be wasting so much milk....

    my daughter drinks about 18-22oz of milk / day and the doctor say that is I will stick to that. I am actually hoping to cut the 4pm milk too and add that into her dinner, so she will only have two bottles per day by the time she is 1 years old (am and before bed)....feeding my daughter milk is getting more and more difficult as she is getting more and more smart...she REALLY enjoys solids, so she will wait for the solids and eat more....actually, I started giving my baby "baby yoghurt" a couple weeks ago (instead of adding milk to her food) so that her calcium intake was high....she seems to enjoy it! You can try's baby yoghurt by Yoplait and it's marked on the top "yoghurt for babys from 6months onwards" so I assume it's safe....

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    by one year, a child should be eating the same foods that adults eat, just in smaller quantities. they should also be weaning off of using milk as their main source of nutrients.

    it sounds like it's time to be increasing solids (not just congee or pasta) and reducing the amount of milk.

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    at 12 months both my boys were on 2 milk feeds a day (morning and bedtime) plus 3 solid meals. They would have been having between 12 and 16oz of milk a day and I have never added milk to their food.
    It is natural for them to start drinking less milk at this age. from what i have read as long as they have 10-11oz a day it is fine.

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