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Vaccine - with runny nose/cough?

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    crystal88 is offline Registered User
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    Vaccine - with runny nose/cough?

    My 4 months old is scheduled to have his vaccine tomorrow, but he has runny nose and a slight cough. I called the center and said as long as no fever it is okay, but if i doubt it, i can postponed it later. We are going for a month's vacation so i need to decide if tomorrow or next month. Any advice? thanks.

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    My 5 month old has just had his 4 month vaccines late (I forgot!) and had a fairly strong reaction (fever, hot hard swelling under the injection mark and very unhappy for 3-4 days).

    Doc said there was no problem with being a month late for us so maybe if you are traveling, wait until you are back?

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    i would wait until you get back. i needed a vaccine for myself and the dr suggested i wait because i had a cold. he said that my immune system was already being challenged by the cold, why make it more difficult for my body by having a vaccine.... if that's what he said for me, i would definitely wait for my child.

    you don't say when you are going away. if you are going in the next day or two, i woudl definitely postpone it. if not for another few weeks, then maybe wait a day or two and then see how baby is and try to reschedule.

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    Please don't vaccinate if they are even slightly sick. It means their immune system is already under pressure - another couple of weeks won't make any difference just make sure the follow on vaccines are delayed accordingly.

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    As others have said. Hold off if you can. That said, I had to get DD her chickenpox when she had a cold as the daycare centre had a breakout and while it had not reached her room yet I wanted to be safe as she was just too little to be getting chicken pox!

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