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Nail biting/Pulling skin off fingers

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    Nail biting/Pulling skin off fingers

    Anyone knows how to stop our babies from biting/picking on their hands/nails? My 19mth old girl now developed a VERY bad habit of picking on her finger skins, and then resorting to biting them or sometimes she bites her nails. OMG, developing such BAD habits at such a young age. I tell her everytime not to bite, not to pull and not to put into her mouth but to no avail. Sometimes she will obediently pull it out from her mouth. Sometimes she will throw a temper when "caught", or sometimes instead of biting, i will catch her pulling the skin of her finger at the edge of her nail bed and then proceed to attempt to bite it away. I cut and cut until there's almost nothing left for her to bite yet she STILL finds something to pull and then bite!

    I browsed the babycenter website and read that it's normal and that they will outgrow this stage but would still love to hear from other mommies who have had experiences in this? I'd hate to apply anything bitter on it to discourage her. I find that she does this particularly when she's bored but i'm already so tired filling up her day with activities. Could this be a sign of ADHD becos she cant sit still??

    AArrghhhh...pls HELP!

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    We put the bitter nail polish on and it worked wonders. Have to actually cut the fingernails now. And all of the skin tears go away if you keep your fingers out of your mouth.
    The stuff tastes gross though, since I was the first person to taste it when wrestling with our son. The stuff just lingers on your lips, too.

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