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Question about eczema

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    jaz1311 is offline Registered User
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    my boy is also suffering from eczema. When I was in HK last month, his condition worsen as compared to when we were in Canada. I think its the humidity and the pollution acting up. But of course he is also allergy to certian food, I had a food allergy test done while I was in HK and have just receive the result last week. We found out that he was actually to a whole bunch of diary products including milk, cheese, yogurt, wheat, etc

    Now we have put him on a soya based formula and his condition have improved greatly.

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    I can echo what many on this thread have said: that eczema may be related to food allergies. My son (at the time 9 months) had bad eczema under his major joints and under his chin. He was breastfed but from month 8 on got quite irritable around feeding time. We tried formula at month 9 and he immediately turned red and we were on our way to the hospital when the allergy attack subsided. We went back to breast milk but noticed that even the slightest amount of milk product I consumed made its way to my milk and would upset him. Unfortunately there are trace amounts of milk in so many things out there and our son is SO allergic. It proved impossible to fully eliminate milk so we put him on a formula called Pepti Jr, a hypo-allergenic formula (basically they break the milk proteins down to amino acids and these don't set off the allergic reaction). This is available at Mannings throughout Hong Kong (only the ones with pharmacies, and not in the formula section, but at the pharmacy; the Prince's building has one, there is one across from the Mongkok MTR, but many other locations too). This did wonders for him: his mood improved, and within two days his eczema had really subsided. Anyway, just be aware that even the slightest bit of allergen you consume may make its way into your milk. A blood-based allergy test may help you identify which, if any, allergies your child has.

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