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Playgroup for SW NT/W Kowloon Mothers and Babies ages 6-12 months

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    Playgroup for SW NT/W Kowloon Mothers and Babies ages 6-12 months

    Who is interested to join this playgroup?
    This is the idea that Katja HK and I came up with:
    - each week (Tuesday or Thursday) in the late afternoon (3-5 / 4-6) we want to organize a playgroup
    - each week there will be a different `host`. This can be at your home, apartment playroom, or other
    - babies will be from ages 6-12 months
    - it will be loosely structured, so not only freeplay for the babies, but some songs, physical activity, etc. It will be up to the `host` to lead the playgroup that week.
    - host can also provide some snacks and/or beverages for the mommies.
    - each baby can bring their favourite toy to share with the other babies.

    Even if you don`t want to host at your apartment, you can still join, don`t worry. Maybe you can think of an alternative place to gather.
    We want to start this as a weekly, organized playgroup.
    We hope to start late next week. I will be the first host. I live in Tsuen Wan.
    Please let me know if you are interested and if so, send me a PM with your email address so I can send a group mail to keep in touch.
    Hope to get a good regular group together!

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    Hi moms!
    Come on, this is gonna be fun! I just shopped at the Parsons Music downstairs to get us some music gear. I can't sing but my baby boy can shake a maracasse :)

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