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Early Risers - What to do with them?

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    Early Risers - What to do with them?

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to seek your advice in case any one else might have a similar experience. Our 3.5 year old has always been an early riser but recently its gotten out of control. He wakes happily at around 5.30 am every day. We don't go into his room when he wakes up, he sings to himself until about 6.15 when he wants to get up.

    He's in the morning session at kindergarten (K2) and gets on the school bus at 8, dropped back home at 12. But he is yawning even by 8 am when he gets on the bus. Teachers say he copes alright but I guess I'm worried for him long-term as I know he would have a much better day if he got up a bit later. I can't sign him up for any afternoon activities (not a big deal at the moment) but am worried that just a year from now in P1 he will need to be staying till 2.30 or 3 - in some cases.

    He is a complete basket case, grumpy & horrible the entire afternoon, and then crashes at 6.30/7 so my husband never gets to see him and their relationship is suffering as a result.

    I have tried the following to change the pattern

    Some days he obviously has to have a nap once he gets back from kindergarten as he is so tired so he sleeps after lunch 1 - 2 pm, or 1 -3 pm. Then he is cheerful throughout the afternoon but still tired enough to go to sleep at 7 pm. And then wakes very early again.

    When he has a nap, then we have tried having him go to sleep later - around 8 pm or 9 pm but he still wakes up at around 5.30 am. I've also tried moving his dinner later but I don't think he is waking up hungry given that he is happy to sing to himself. The room is very dark so the light is not coming in to wake him up.

    Have also tried giving him milk at 5.30 am and showing him how dark it is to attempt to get him to go back to sleep but he never does, he just keeps singing to himself.

    I myself am obviously quite tired from getting up early morning (feels like forever!) but I am now starting to worry about him and his ability to enjoy kindergarten - he is missing out on afterschool activities and fun afternoons with other kids - I've stopped doing playdates as well because he is so tired and it always ends in tears.

    I really don't know what to do and would very much appreciate any feedback/advice or just comments.

    Thank you!!

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    How long did you try the routine of sending him to sleep later? Cos I find that my daughter takes a few days to adjust to moving bedtimes. Since you said that he is tired enough to sleep at 7pm even with afternoon nap, can you just have him early afternoon nap for 1 hour and then move his bedtime to slightly later, say 8pm? If he gets up slightly later, then maybe after 1 week move the bedtime a further 15 min later, so you can gradually make his wake up time better. My daughter occasionally wakes up early and she also sings to herself for 15min-1/2 hour, I try to comfort myself that it's better that than screaming and crying for 1/2hour.

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