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Need a part-time helper asap!!!

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    fingerscrossed is offline Registered User
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    Tin Hau

    yes, some of these part-timers don't keep their word and you have to confirm and reconfirm with them the day, the morning and the hour before they're due to arrive. it makes you sound like a real nag, but what can you do? good luck with your next one!

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    Obiwan is offline Registered User
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    Katelyn BB, the bright side of thing is that the helper was obviously not reliable and now she saves you the pain of having to remind her repeatedly every week.

    I have a part-time helper and have now a full time (starting today) with my new baby. I will ask my part-time if she has any slots available to help you out. Be right back as soon as I hear from her. Cheers!

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    katelynBB is offline Registered User
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    mphosisgirl is offline Registered User
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    if u still looking for part timer,i can help u with available evryday and pls give me call at 51382171,thanks


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    gladyswly's Avatar
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    I also have same bad experience with filipino and indonesian, very irresponsible. so now I am on my own taking care of my baby, and would hire nanny from western countries.

    good luck on your helper hunting.

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    yanne is offline Registered User
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    Quote Originally Posted by katelynBB View Post
    I am so frustrated!!!
    As you all know I was looking for a part time helper, so I had someone that said yes to working with me on Friday.
    She was to start working yesterday, which was my first day of work.
    She didn't SHOW UP!!!! Good thing my sister was here visiting for Canada and stayed home with the girls.
    I am so upset that she didn't even try to call me or even SMS me to say that she wasn't coming to work anymore.
    I could have looked for another helper over the weekend.

    Anyways, just really annoyed with how inconsiderate she was, to just not show up.

    Back on again to look for part time helpers...if anyone can help me out that would be great!!!
    My poor sister has been watching my two kids by herself...
    what a vacation for her!!

    hi theresa,i'm here again yanne,if u still need a part time as i told u b4 i have a cousin who is looking for a part time,but u let me know what time to what u need her if u still don't have any so that i can arrange w/her schedule...many thanks,just ring me up,my #is 60267657

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