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Stressful and Tearful Bedtime... Help!!!

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    Advice i was given from a friend who went to a sleep clinic with her youngest DS. - Generally a sleep cycle for a bub is about 40-45min. see if you can get her gently back to sleep - maybe a dummy, wrap her up again etc rather than food (bottle or breast). They will then get "used to" doing this for themselves, and hopefully sleep for 1.5hrs +. The less sleep they have the harder it is to get them to sleep as they are over tired.

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    Hi Kyojee, my daughter (4 months old now) does exactly the same things you described and we have learnt over time that was her way of telling us that she was tired and wanted to sleep, and irritated that we kept pushing her to feed.

    Does your baby wake up for feed between the evening feed and 6.30 - 7am?

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