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24 month old waking at 5am & won't fall asleep unless I am there....

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    24 month old waking at 5am & won't fall asleep unless I am there....


    I have a 24 month old who, until recently, was sleeping until 6:15 am...but for some reason, in the last few weeks, has started to wake up at 4-5am, calling for me. She doesn't cry but just continuously calls for me and once I'm in the room, tries to go back to sleep. I've tried to leave the room when she's about to fall asleep but she wakes up again and refuses to fall asleep unless I'm there.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I tried not going into her room for 5-10 mins but she doesn't fall back asleep and I end up going in as I worry that she's not getting enough rest (she usually sleeps around 9:15pm). Should I try and put her to bed earlier?

    Although I try to go bed earlier, I am feeling very sleep deprived (also, I'm now 7 months pregnant).

    Any advice appreciated! Thanks.

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    I had no advice until I read that you were 7 months pregnant. Could she be jealous, or starting to get anxious about her soon-to-be brother/sister and then losing your attention? I think it might be worth exploring that possible reason and then dealing with it accordingly. How about giving her some special attention at her usual wake up time, but none (minimal communication) if she wakes up earlier. Maybe she will come to anticipate her special mama time that only comes when there is light, not dark. Or even just giving her some extra special time(even secret time) for just you and her, that won`t change when the new baby comes.
    I know it must be frustrating to start to deal with this so late into your pregnancy.
    Take care~

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    We've just had that with our 2 year old, she was not calling out, but crying at 5.30/6am (her usual wake up time is 7am).

    I think an early waking happens a few times for a specific reason (bad dream, a poo or a loud noise) and then quickly becomes a habit for them at this age.

    Is the room totally black? For how many days did you try not going in? I wonder if you just stand fast and leave her for a 3-4 days and let her nap longer in the day to make up for the lost hours.

    If ours was hysterical we'd go in, but otherwise we'd leave it. It took about 4 days but she's now back to her 7am wake up time. Today as an example she woke at 5.10am, cried out a couple of times, then went back to sleep. Unfortunately it woke the little one so we had to get up anyway...

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