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Almost 4 months - Doesn't want to drink milk and very cranky..

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    Almost 4 months - Doesn't want to drink milk and very cranky..

    My girl is almost 4 months old and she usually drinks between 4-5oz. per feed and sleeps from 8pm to 2am, feeds, goes back to sleep until around 6:00am. However, the past few days she has been very cranky and refusing to drink much milk - only between 2-3oz. per feed. In a usual day, she will normally have between 22-26oz. of milk, but lately it's only been about 17-20oz. at most.

    In addition, her whole sleep routine seems to have gone out the window, and she gets up by 1am, feeds a little, and is completely restless after that, waking up pretty much every hour.

    We are both working parents so this is very challenging for us. Any advice from those who have gone through the same situation? We have tried to leave arms out of the swaddle and it seems to have helped her sleep for longer, but our main concern is whether she is getting enough milk?

    We are thinking about introducing rice cereal into her diet for the last feed before being put to bed at 8pm - anyone tried this at 4months? Our paed says its fine.

    Could this change also be brought about by teething?

    Any advice of suggestions would be VERY welcome! Thanks!

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    sounds pretty normal what you are going through...unfortunately for you guys since you both have to work....but once babies get into some sort of schedule, it normally baby did that and I just kind of let it go cause I figured if she's hungry she'll have more to drink at the next meal.....thinking about it though, I was VERY flexible and didn't go on a fixed schedule per say, so whenever she felt hungry (which was usually around the same time of day anyways), I would feed her as much as she wanted....I would suggest tracking her weight to see if the reduced intake is indeed having a negative impact on her weight, if so, I would start introducing rice cereal (as your pead says it's fine)...if there is no difference, I wouldn't worry at all! Teething amongst other things can make babies cranky! Hang in there!

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