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3-month old baby won't nap unless being carried

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    Found this website on the no cry sleep solution and pu/pd method. Check it out if u are interested. Gentle Removal Plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by karmah1 View Post

    The key is consistency. Maybe your starting the bedtime routine too early. I've always started about an hour no more than two hours before actually putting my son to bed. His routine has not changed since he was 6 weeks old and he is now 9 months, so he knows what to expect. I've made little changes along the way introducing story time, brushing teeth, etc.

    I followed the Baby Whisperer technique of pick up and put down, yes its hard work for the first couple of nights but it does get easier! Again the key is consistency. This is what I was doing at 3 months...5pm bathtime, followed by massage, lights were dimmed in his room with soft music playing. Then breastfeed followed by a top up bottle ( I also had same problem as you with low milk supply), change nappy if needed and then between 6-6.30pm would lay him in his hammock and tell him its sleepy time. I would then walk out the room. I left the music playing in his room till I went to bed, babies don't like complete silence. If he started crying I would pick him up, comfort him and as soon as he stoped put him back down then walk out of the room. This pick up and put down routine lasted about 76 times the first time I started but over a couple of nights it got less and less. Eventually I was able just to pat him or rub his back saying shshhh, rather than pick him up.

    You need to persevere for at least a week. You will get tired and think its not working but you need to be consistent because it does work in the end and baby is learning to put himself to sleep. Its the best gift you can give him. Jut think in the long run you don't want to be still rocking a heavy toddler to sleep in your arms every night!

    And I also do yoga every Sunday morning....its the only me time I get during the week and I love it!
    I coudnt have said it better myself. This routine sounds very similar to mine except we bath later - around 6 and instead of top up with formula I am exclusively BF. I have not had to use the pick up put down as my baby is either very calm or he responded well to my putting him in his cot to sleep alone with music very young (birth onwards!).
    I agree babies should not be left to cry. Did it with my dughter but will never do it with my son who is 4 weeks old. I do however let him grizzle a bit. He has been known to grizzle and grunt when I just put him down in his cot. I know the difference between a cry that means he really needs me and a cry that is tired and wants to sleep.

    Keep using these boards and websites and take what works for you.
    Good luck!

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