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Need Advice - Cats & Baby Co-exist

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    Got to say I ws not bothered at all with pets and our baby - spent his 1st 6 months on a UK farm teeming with animals. Yes you hear horror stories about cats smothering babies but we had more trouble getting the cat OUT of the babies bed before we got him in - they didn't stick around when small screechy grabby thing appeared. Oh and one big tom had a thing for stealing his bottles. We just made sure the bedroom was empty of animals when we weren't around the baby.

    I know from my old job that a lot of the modern problems with allergies etc are due to kids NOT being exposed to 'dirt & germs'. As long as he wasn't actually crawling in the tray and was reasonable clean I was fine with it - he used to lick the dogs back (yak) and eat catbiscuits if he was faster than us/ the cats...

    One thing we did do was put the litter tray in a big box- too tall for baby to reach into and helped contain litter too.

    I and baby are really missing the animals now we are in Hk - he learnt to stand up pulling on a dogs gums!

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    Wildcatfin: Your message made me laugh and made me adore my pets even more.

    "he used to lick the dogs back (yak) and eat catbiscuits if he was faster than us/ the cats..."
    - If my baby boy was like this, I know I would 'scream' but laugh in the same time!!!!

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