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Rotavirus, need advice

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    Help please: Rotavirus, need advice

    My 2.5yo had her rotavirus jab when she was a baby but has come down with it anyway. Any advice on how to help her deal with the painful abdominal cramps?

    Also she is dehydrated and lost a few pounds of weight in only 1 1/2 days! Doctor says no need for an IV yet and I am trying desperately to get her to drink fluids and eat a little white bread and porridge broth. She is underweight to begin with and a super picky eater - any suggestions for how to put the weight back on her?

    Anything else I should be doing besides electrolyte water and simple starches? And any advice for the abdominal cramps?

    Thanks so much.

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    Rice is a low reactive food, so well tolerated without giving further gastrointestinal irritation and cramps. Also, use the water from boiling the rice as it acts as a natural electrolyte drink.
    Weight will come back on as she devleops an interest in food again. Don't puch it with fatty foods - yoghurt, milk etc as this can aggrevate cramps.
    Good luck.

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    Jan 2009
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    Oh, one other thing is a childrens chewable Magnesium tablet for the cramps. Not sure if they have it here in HK, but it's a natural anti-spasmodic.
    I used to buy Blackmores in Australia.

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