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Teething and not napping

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    Teething and not napping


    My 5.5 month old baby seems to be teething - drooling, chewing on whatever he could get hold of, pulling his ears, waking in the middle of the night and crying for no apparent reasons. It's been over a week now and I have been giving him Hyland's teething tablet. Initially it worked but lately I find it's not helping him.

    Also, my baby doesn't sleep well at night, night waking every other hour. He goes to bed at 6.30pm and wakes about 6am but lots of wailing in between. He doesn't nap too. Not more than 1 hour in total for his daytime naps.

    I have 2 concerns and wonder if mums who went through the same thing can shed some light:

    1. What medication, if any, do you give your baby to soothe the pain? How long a period was the medication given? (I've tried Hylands for a week now)

    2. Is it normal for teething babies to have such sleep patterns?

    Thanks very much!

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    We are right in the middle of teething at 6.5 months with my son, later than expected as my daughter had a mouthful by 6 months. I forgot how horrible it is...

    I give him Baby Ibuprofen at his late 10.30pm feed to last him through the night. I sometimes also give it to him once during the day if he looks to be in really dreadful pain.

    I also use bonjela (keep it in the fridge so it's very cold) during the day and apply whenever necessary

    Before day time naps I give him a sachet of Nelson's homeopathic 'teetha' granules which contain chamomile to aid sleep.

    He also wears a necklace of amber beads which is supposed to help teething pain (probably nonsense, but it can't hurt)

    Some babies breeze through teething, others have very broken sleep patterns because of it - so yes it's normal for many babies.

    Mine went down at 7pm tonight and has woken twice so far likely because of the pain, I'm holding out to give him the nurofen until 10.30pm as it will give him (and me) a long stretch in the night.

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