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moving to DB or Clearwater

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    moving to DB or Clearwater

    We have just arrived in HongKong and trying to decide where to live. We like DB but we are also considering Clearwater.

    What do people think of Clearwater? Is there a pre school nearby and a sense of local community there?

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    i have lived in both. although i like clearwater bay and sai kung(where we now live) i REALLY miss DB.

    yes, there are pre-schools in clearwater bay, but not much else. you have to travel to do anything, get anywhere.

    i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss the community feeling of DB. it is really like a small town, everyone knows everyone and people keep an eye out for one another. there is no need to "arrange" playdates, a trip out to the nearest playground suffices. there is always someone up for a chat in the plaza, the supermarket is right there as are all of your other daily essentials. central is a lovely ferry-ride away, there is no getting stuck in traffic on the way to work. you get your down-time built right into the day. i never found the ferry to be a hassle, it's just like catching a bus, if you know what time it leaves, you just make allowances for it.

    there is a sense of community in CWB and SK, but it just doesn't measure up to the feeling i had in db. if it were up to me and money wasn't an issue, i would be back in db in a heart beat.

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