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What do you use for time out?

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    a firm "no" and distraction will usually do the trick.

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    If you are looking for ideas of how to discipline without hitting I suggest looking at The Discipline Book by Dr. William Sears.
    The Discipline Book: How to Have a Better-Behaved Child From Birth to Age Ten :: Hong Kong Online Shopping

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    I think right now when no time out...then i think when she does something naughty, the only thing you can do is to explain to her what is right and wrong. And then maybe help her or assist her in doing the right thing? like if she draws on the wall or something, explain to her that the wall is not for her to draw on, and then bring her back to her little table and bring out a sheet of paper, and tell her to draw on the paper instead.

    I think some parents go quick on disciplining and saying " no" w...but gotta remember to have an explanation for them of WHY you are saying " no"...even though u may think they do not understand..but if you continue to do it ..they will be at a age when they DO understand.

    Quote Originally Posted by yuukalim0404 View Post
    thanks everyone, I am planning ahead, will start at 18mths. However at this stage if she does something really naughty, what do you do? My friend smacks her baby, but this is not the sort of disclipine I prefer, any suggestions?

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