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moving to DB with 2 kids

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    soon in DB

    moving to DB with 2 kids

    Beginning of next year we are moving to Discovery Bay. We are a dutch family with a son of 3 years old and a daugther of 1,5 years old.
    I would like to take the opportunity to ask about experiences at DB to families with kids.
    Does it take long to adjust? How does kids like this new life? Do they like the kindergarten/preschool? Which preschools are nice? What activities can you do at DB? Are there enough playgrounds? Is the climate not too hot to be outside?
    Does anybody have tips to find a nice house at DB or other things we need to think about?
    We are planning to go for an orientationtrip to HK the 3rd week of November. What do you advice to do in 3 days?
    Thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

    The Netherlands

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    DB is very family orientated and it's very easy to make friends with families with other children. There is large expat community. We are moving there again with 2 kids for the chance to have a backyard.
    There a a few pre-schools - DMK, Sunshine House, DBIS as well as privately run playgroups. There is a lack of primary schools - only DBIS and Discovery College (ESF). And there are large waiting lists for both (unless you can afford the premium application for DBIS) you will most likely have to travel to a school outside DB. Average time about 1 hour.
    There are plenty of structured activities to do with children at the residence clubs. There are also playgrounds with climbing frames and or swings near most apartment blocks. Failing that there is always the plaza - about 3-6pm it's kid central. If you bring along a toy it will be shared for sure. And check out Peng Chau or Mui Wo too.
    After living in mid levels and Tung Chung, I have noticed that there are more bugs around, so make sure you have ample repellent. It may also be just me, but I also notice the humidity there more. Going to the beach is nice on those days.
    Housing - decide if you want high rise or low rise - with either a backyard or balcony. Most estate agents are easy to deal with. Make sure you are very specific in what you want and don't be afraid to say no as soon as you walk into a place. You can also negotiate to have a place renovated ie re-paint for some others you may be able to get the kitchen re done. Recommended low rise places - 1. Beach village then Coastline or Caperidge and La Vista.
    Transport - internal - you have an option of buses or hire cars (a form of taxi for multiple fares). Some residents also rent or buy golf carts (rent approx 5000 - 7000 per month - buy approx $1million). external - bus to Tung Chung or sunny Bay where you can pick up the MTR or there is a ferry to Central. There is talk of introducing taxis to DB soon, but these will be limited to dropping fares off after the DB tunnel.

    Hope your trip to HK was enjoyable.


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    Hi Kirst

    We are also thinking of moving to DB (from Hong Kong Island) and I posted a thread asking for pros and cons of DB. You may be interested to read the responses (which I found helpful). Thread below:


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