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Baby doctor in hong kong ?

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    Baby doctor in hong kong ?

    Dear All,

    Can someone please advise me on a baby doctor/advisor in Hong Kong ? We are having problems dealing with our baby's moods, food and sleeping habits.So looking for a baby specialist who can listen to our entire story and advise us on solutions?

    Thanks !!

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    are you looking for a pediatrician? there are hundreds of them. you don't say where you are or how old your child is.... that information would help with recommendations. (ie. maybe if the child is older, an educational psychologist would be better suited than a doctor)

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    If your baby is quite young, you might benefit from seeking advice from a health visitor like Yvonne Heavyside or Annerley Midwives. They usually have more time to spend with you and can arrange to visit you in your own home.

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    You can try Dr Thomas Chan, he is very patient, and help me and my kid to solve lot of the problem, i remember, he spent nearly 1-1.5 hrs for my first visit. Just call the nurse, and make an appointment at non-peak time, so he can have more time with you. His office is at 1303, Tak Shing House, Central, phone 2973 0968

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