Y'know, I know of 9-month-olds who were transferred into a big kid bed because they had a little brother or sister coming along that did quite well. I think it depends on your baby's development.

My son could handle a low-set big-boy bed at 9 months because he could get up and down off of a bed at that point (my mother taught him how to) and walk around--by 12 months he totally could handle being in a big kid bed. The crib we were given is quite huge (as big as a toddler bed) so up until this point we haven't replaced it with a big kid bed but before my son was 1-year-old (from the time he was 8 to 11.5 months-old) we spent 3 months traveling around and he slept in big kid beds as well as in adult beds and of course his Pack n' Play.

What I recommend is this: buy a [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Graco-Pack-Playard-Bassinet-Kensly/dp/B001GQ2PLE"]Pack n' Play[/ame]. My son slept in one for 3 months while we were in the States last year with no problems. Depending on your child's developmental stage, you could use that as an interim bed. Then when your child is around 1-year-old you could transfer her into a big kid bed with rails on the side that can be removed later.

Of course, as I said, it all depends on how far along your child is physically--if she can maneuver up and down from a chair or bed as well as get herself out of a space she might get stuck in and if she is walking well then there should be no worries about it. Just take precautions.

I would even just take the mattress off the bed and put it on the floor and let her sleep on that (that is how my son slept for many months from the time he was born up until he was about 7-months-old at my parents-in-law's house). Put padding or something soft on the floor beside the bed surface so if the baby rolls off she doesn't get hurt.

Those are my ideas. Hope you find a bigger space for your little one.