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ISF, IMS & KCIS Primary

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    Hello all

    My daughter is going to Grade 1 next September in 2010. She's Eurasian (father English). We want a good English education for her but we also want her to grow up able to read and write Chinese (traditional form preferably because we live in HK). So we want an international school with strong Mandarin (I only speak Cantonese and English) which doesn't leave us with a lot of choice.

    Primary schools we've applied for are: ISF, IMS and KCIS.

    Would parents with kids from any of these three schools please share their knowledge with us?

    We are struggling to decide because we feel we don't know enough about the schools even though we've done basic research on them - school visits, school websites... We really need advice from parents with children already going to these schools. These are our thoughts on these schools at the moment which might also be helpful to other parents seeking information about these same schools:

    1) ISF - beautiful campus and great facilities, very happy kids, do IB curriculum. 70% Curriculum taught in Mandarin from Foundation to Grade 4. It offers the best Mandarin out of any International schools in HK. But I'm not sure if it's worth paying $11,500/mth + $200,000 debenture for a predominantly Mandarin education. You can go to KCS and get 100% Mandarin education for free although the building and the style of teaching are old in comparison.

    2) IMS - No secondary school and depressing school campus. Teachers in primary school are not all native speakers of English. Fees are not cheap either - $10,500/mth.

    However, I do love the Montessori teaching method for early years (my daughter's been going to a Montessori pre-school since 2 1/2.) But I'm not sure if Montessori is just as good for primary. This is my favourite school so far. Would really appreciate advice from parents with kids at IMS primary!!!

    3) KCIS - Not sure about this school although it does have a good balance of Mandarin and English 30% Mandarin and 70% English. British curriculm. Do IGCSE and IB Diploma. School campus is also quite depressing. Heard mixed comments from parents for this school. I don't know what to think. The school fees are significantly cheaper than the other two though - $6,000/mth.

    We desperately need more advice and reassurance from parents with kids from any of these three schools. If you already have kids in one if these schools, could you please spend a few minutes to share your thoughts with us? Or any other parents out there who are also considering these schools for their child for Grade 1 / Foundation Year.

    Thank you for your generous sharing!!

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