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Baby fussy from cold/cough

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    wow, she is really an angel, mine didn't sleep through the night until she was 6 months old.

    anyway, I think 4 months old is fine to have medication (my nephew was prescribed meds for reflux when he was a week old in the US for god's sake, and which baby has no reflux?!), but should make it a last resort. Now it's very hard on her, she is not feeling well and she cannot sleep well, if I were in the same situation I would be super grumpy too. I think if things are not getting any better, you should take your baby to a paed again, s/he should give her some antihistamine to help with the running nose and also help her sleep, rest is very important when one is sick. I am sure if she can have better sleep, you and her will both feel better.

    btw, it's very normal for a baby to be very clingy and not eating well when she is sick, mine does the same. Just hold her as much as she wants because she is not feeling well, try to distract her with some music and toys, feed her milk whenever she wants to eat, I would leave the routine feeding schedule aside for now if I were you, she is too small and she needs as much nutrients as possible to fight the disease. Hang in there, things will get better. Good luck!!

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    I have met too many drug-pushing doctors, so unless my child were seriously ill, I would take what they say with caution, especially at the young age of 4 months, really, barely out of the womb.
    The poor thing, sounds like she is having a miserable time, and hard for you too, Obiwan!
    When my baby got a stomach flu, he was really pitiful - we couldn`t put him down at all. I think you should just give all her the hugs and loving she needs while she is sick. It will take some time for things to get back to normal afterwards, but luckily, since she is so young she can adjust more quickly than the older baby.
    Definitely run a humidifier in her room while she`s sleeping. If you can put some Vicks (mentholatum) in there, great. I wonder if you can rub it on her chest, I can`t remember if that`s ok for the young baby or not (might not be), but if it is, it will loosen things up in her chest.
    Just stick with what you`re doing and follow her cues, as she knows best what she needs, as far as milk and cuddles go.
    And just think, she`s one step closer to a strong immune system (thanks Canada!)~

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    It's not recommended to rub vicks on the skin of a child that young - I can't remember the age, but it's more like 2, or 5 or something... it says on the jar. Also, whenever you DO use vicks for the first time, try a tiinnnyyy amount and watch for an hr or two if there is a reaction. My cousin has a pretty nasty reaction to it! It's not really that great for your skin in the first place - not like moisturisers etc...

    I think that if I were you though, I'd be giving her some panadol - it's safe from 1 month old and will help with her pain/discomfort. It's not going to make her better faster, but it will probably help her to feel a bit better... That and lots of cuddles...

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    Thank you everyone for your advice and empathy. In comparison, we elicited many evil glances our way on the flight back from Vancouver. I don't blame them to be honest. In addition she threw up all over me (projectile vomit) and I had no change of clothes!! Hmm ... note to self: always bring an extra t-shirt!

    We caught the cold from our little nieces who were sick. I was thinking if it was wise of us to knowingly expose her to this (Try telling 1.5 and 3 year-olds not to **** and slobber all over the little baby :)) And it's Xmas .. you can't say no to family time can you?

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