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Is Caribbean Coast/Coastal Skyline in Tung Chung kids friendly?

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    Is Caribbean Coast/Coastal Skyline in Tung Chung kids friendly?


    We are considering moving to either Coastal Skyline or Caribbean Coast. I have 2 children - 4 years and 9 months. Am wondering if there's any playgroups and children interests groups organised in these areas (eg piano classes, ballet, mandarin etc)

    Would love to hear from mums out there who stays in either CC or CS on how kids friendly the places are, how you like it or don't like it there?

    Any advice on apartments would be good too ;)

    Thanks very much!

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    Hi im living in tung chung since the airport opens n its a great place for children.big n loads of playgrounds over here.

    all clubhouses hv lessons like ballet/swimming/football/phonics/cooking etc

    we love it here :)

    weekends can be crowded over at the citygate but wherelse is nt

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    We live in CC too. They do have a lot of interest classes for children - maybe CC has more than CS? But, the classes at CC are only from age 2-3 up. They have just started some summer playgroups for 1yrs+, maybe they will continue with these in September?

    On the other hand, (I only just found out about these) CS has more choices for under 2s - like music classes, playgroups, mini football. I've been told these are open to non-residents too.

    I think when you go to view flats, you can ask for a copy of their interest class schedule and compare.

    Aside from clubhouses, there are also some educational centres, again, catering more for the older children (3+).

    I find everywhere very kid friendly and stroller friendly. I get very stressed out whenever I take my son to places like Central etc and always have to plan my route in advance to avoid as many steps as possible! Travelling time is a little longer but MTR is pretty convenient and easy to get to and around in - the problem is mainly when you get to the other end normally!

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