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Baby Sleeping Bag & co-sleeping

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    Baby Sleeping Bag & co-sleeping

    I want to get a sleeping bag for my new born, and have been looking around...n there are really limited choices/brands in hk.

    I've found one that's relatively cheaper that's called The Dream Bag Baby sleeping Bag? I've found it online, they look really cute!! I've been searching on the net, found out it's from the UK, with positive feedbacks.

    Just wondering, has anyone used it before?

    I'm thinking of breast-feeding her, is it ok to co-sleep with my newborn if she wears sleeping bag (at least i know she won't get covered by blankets)?

    Thank you for sharing.

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    I just replied to your other thread about sleeping bags but in regards to your other question - there are very mixed opinions about co-sleeping. I would recommend using SOME kind of "cosleeper bed" whether it's a separate bed next to yours like this: Arm's Reach Mini Classic Co-Sleeper. - Natural with Skirt & Plush Sheet - Arms Reach Concepts - Babies "R" Us - or whether it's one that goes between your pillows like this: First Years Close and Secure Sleeper : Target

    Many people find that co-sleeping works very well with breastfeeding. I have a friend who breastfed for a long time and co-slept with her kids until they were probably a year old or something! She didn't use any of those beds though. I co-slept a few times with my daughter. Probably only 20 nights her whole life though. I found for me, I couldn't get a decent night's sleep knowing that she was right there so it didn't really work for me. I guess the only way you'll know if it works for you is to try it though.

    But yes - a sleeping bag will work with co-sleeping, just make sure that your blankets don't end up over your bub...

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