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Baby frequently waking night and day

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    Baby frequently waking night and day

    Hi everyone. My 5 month old baby has been waking frequently during the night and napping terribly during the day on and off for a while now. Sometimes he will randomly have a good day. But lately he has been sleep for a maximum of 3 hours at night and then waking every 45 mins after that. I have been trying to put him to bed earlier than 12am (he used to go to sleep at 5am). Last night he fell asleep at 10.30pm which I thought was great BUT he woke up literally every 45 mins. The longest sleep he had was 2am til 3:30am. I conked out at 6:30am and discovered him at 9am at the other end of his cot lying on his tummy asleep. He stayed like that for 30 mins then woke up. I am struggling to get him back to sleep now and it's midday. He kicks off his blankets and whinges, often with his eyes closed at night. During the day he will only sleep for 45 mins at a time. He has reflux and hates the medicine and projectile vomited after he had it yesterday. Does anyone know of any baby sleep specialists in HK? Or is it kind of normal? I hope not coz I am exhausted.

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    Wow! LisainHK, that does not sound good at all- both you and our baby are not getting any stretch of sleep, both of you are completely exhausted. Sleep begets sleep! Annerley has a sleep specialist on the team I think. Perhaps you should contact them. 1.5 hr stretch at night is really not much- its like a afternoon nap.

    Also, you mentioned your baby sleeping on his tummy- does he normally sleep that way? A number of babies prefer that. Since my son at 2 months started sleeping on his tummy- he hated to be on his back, could not fall asleep but the moment we would turn him, he would sleep pretty well through the night.

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    Dear LisainHK,

    I have a pamphlet called Breastfeeeding the Baby with Reflux which I'd be happy to send you if you'll let me have your address.

    Best wishes,
    [email protected]

    La Leche League Leader

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    Annerley does have a sleep clinic. You should maybe check it out!

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