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How to tackle cockroaches

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    shwetakhanna is offline Registered User
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    How to tackle cockroaches

    We have shifted to our new house around six months back and i am just tired of seeing so many cockroaches. We have a two year old daughter and i am just scared to spray any insect repellant. Have put combat in some secret corners but cannot use it much with a curious toddler exploring the house all day.

    Today morning she caught a live roach and was so excited to show it to me. It just scared the hell out of me.

    Can anyone suggest what i should use which is safe with children?


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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    I used one of those bombs. Yes, it`s toxic, but we went out for the day, came back and opened all them. My husband cleaned it all up, and I took our baby to Starbucks. Since then (around 4 months ago) I have hardly seen a cockroach, and the few I have seen were babies. I would really recommend it. You can buy it from Japan Home Centre for about $80.

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    wenyihsu is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2007

    We live in a townhouse and when we first moved in I noticed there were cockroaches mostly in our basement. So I hired exterminators for just bugs in general and cockroaches. They stuff that they use is suppose to be safe and it's pretty much odor free. It seems to work. We have them come in regularly - once very 3-4 months. We try to schedule it when we are out of town but this last time we were home (I'm pregnant and have a 2.5 year old). I couldn't smell anything afterwards.

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    Suv is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi! We used a service called Bio-Cycle. BioCycle (Hong Kong) Limited - Ecological Pest & Termite Management They are good- both getting the pests out as well as using non toxic products. We have a dog, a baby and I am pregnant. I have been quite happy with them. As a precaution we just don't go into the room they have just sprayed for 15 min or so and you don't smell anything either. They did our house in 3 stages- once a month for 2 months and then If I remember right, once again after 2 months.

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    wanfamily is offline Registered User
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    We got the same problem and did some research.This sounds daft, but apparently, if you mix a bit of sugar and bicarb and leave it in strategic places it kills them (cockroaches can't fart, so the gas from the bicarb does it) We tried it and although we aren't completely cockroach free it has definitely reduced their numbers and we have seen lot of them dead around the 'bicarb' areas.
    Just a thought anyway....might be worth a try.

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