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new schedule???

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    new schedule???

    Dear members,

    This is such a helpful website....lots of great information...

    Can you help me with my son will be 6 months in a few weeks and he is doing very well. I want to know now that he is getting older, should I modify his schedule IE. fewer but longer naps...I never let him sleep longer than 1H30...and how can I get him to sleep for longer periods at night??? He is doing well on this schedule in the day time, but I feel is waking too often at night...

    Here is his usual schedule

    Eat and play:6am
    Sleep:7:30 (about 1 hours ish)
    Eat and play: 9am
    S: 10h30 (again about 1 hours ish)
    Eat and play: 12:00
    S: 1H30 until about 3pm
    Eat and play: 3pm
    Eat: 5pm
    Bath 6h30
    Bed 7H30...sleeps until DF
    DF -10:30 if I am wake or 11h30 if i am asleep and he wakes me

    from here he may wake 2 or 3 times

    advice please,

    thank you

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    I am big fan of Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. At that age, my oldest switched to 2 naps and an early bed time and my twins went down to 2 naps with an early bed time at 4 months. Nap times at 9 am for about an hour / hour and a half (the latter especially when they're younger) and a nap at around 1 pm until 3 pm at the latest. Then combined with a 6 pm bed time, mine slept all through the night (no dream feeds) at that age (my oldest from 3 months 6 to 7 and my twins at 4 and 6 months as well, although they woke up earlier than 7, more between 5 and 6 but would go back to sleep until 7 am most of the time until they got older, and then we just started the day between 6 and 7 am).

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    Maybe try to consolidate to one short morning nap and a longer lunch time nap. Try to stretch him in the morning to as close as possible to 9am (I know that will be tricky if he wakes at 6am). Let him sleep for 45 mins to 1 hour. Then stretch him again so he naps in the afternoon (maybe 12.30 or 1pm to 3pm ish. That should work with your bed time of 7.30pm.

    We kept the DF up until 8 months. As for middle of the night wakings, if re-working his day time naps doesn't make a difference, I guess you need to decide what to do - e.g. rule out hunger, pain, etc. then pick a form of sleep training (gentle methods, controlled crying etc.). whatever suits you and your family.

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