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Advice from Working Mums

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    kacoak is offline Registered User
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    Like Ssheng, I too am interested to hear from working moms out here in HK. We moved here earlier this year and I have not worked full time since January. Baby #2 came in May and with my almost 3-yo, my days are pretty busy even with a FT live-in helper. In my industry (market research analytics) I have encountered quite a few women working from home, or those who took several years off until their youngest is 5 or 6 before returning to the work force full time (this is in the States), but from what I've seen, it's those who spent a whole lot of time at work (and hence, little at home) who get ahead. They either have no children, have SAH husbands, or are rather aged (ie. they reached the 'top' later than the average men). It is rather disheartening, but I wonder how that works here in HK where live-in help is very affordable.

    My plan is to do my own consulting work to keep up with the industry so I stay relevant if/when I want to return to work, but I'm not sure how that will work out...

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    charade is offline Registered User
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    Because of the live-in help in HK, I think it's easier to get back to a career but I definitely think it would be harder in some professions - the ones that require a lot of overtime as part of the job description. I chose to slow down my career a bit before I got pregnant but at least the option of competent help enables me to be in the workplace at all, a choice that works for me. Yes, it might mean reaching the top - if that's what you want - later than a man might (though frankly my husband has slowed down his career too - he'd rather leave work on time and spend time with out baby just like I would) but I don't see a problem with that... it's time well spent on your child.

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    Live in help definitely has it's advantages....I did end up quitting after baby #2 even with help though since my mind was always wandering at work. Lucky for me I teach and it is ok to take a few years off and then go back.

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    Beijingmum is offline Registered User
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    I'm a mandarin teacher, I worked part time before, so I had more time to take care of my son, now he is 9 years old, and I'm glad I can work full time, I think its very important that spend more time with your kids before age 6, but when he grow up, we should not hovering over him all day, so, i think keep working is good for both children and mothers.

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