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First dental check up?

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    First dental check up?

    At what age should baby have her first dental check-up? My one year old has 8 teeth and is eating 3 full meals plus 2 snacks. Any suggestions for a paediatric dentist (pref Kowloon)?

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    I heard around age 2. My 16 month old has 16 teeth and eats everything we do just about... on our last dentist visit before she was 1, I asked him what age he suggested for the first check up and he said age 2 unless there is reason to suspect there's damage to the teeth before then...

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    18 months baby teeths


    would anybody help me my baby is 18 months old and since last two days she had hard pain because of cutting her big back tooth. she had fever and its really painful for her to take them out. went to the doctor today and he has given only antibiotics and peracetamol. she is not taking those medicins at all, not feeding or eating anything. pls help me how I go through this situation.

    plsss helpp me.

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