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Toddler waking at 5am!

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    happyflipper is offline Registered User
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    Waking up too early too

    Hi Plumtree,

    Any method you tried which worked? I am trying to get my boy to sleep until 8am but no luck to so far

    My 28mths is having the same problem - he wakes up too early at 5am and by the time he has to go to afternoon nursery class -he is so sleepy.
    We tried to get him to nap for 1 hour before class sometimes he does sometimes he doesnt. His teacher says he has fallen asleep in class on a few occasions.

    He goes to bed bte 930 to10pm which is quite late but he still wakes up early. BTW if we feed him some milk - he goes back and sleep for another hour but I want to stop encouraging him to wake up for milk!

    My nanny gets him to sleep for 1-2hours after the class as well.

    Any ideas most welcome...


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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    If later bedtime means happier child in the morning, then it's worth it. Our son's sleep habits have changed dramatically. 5am wake-ups were completely draining me and not fun for anyone as he was then tired by 10am and wanting a nap which we would not give in to until around 11:30am since it would throw off the rest of his day.

    As mentioned above by me, the gate is the best solution and just keep the door open. This way you know your son is safe and it's honestly not a big deal since he was just in a cot before. It's the same thing! Just think of his room as gigantic cot. same thing.

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