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How to store medication

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    How to store medication

    I am thinking of how to best store medication in this hot and humid weather here in HK. My son got a cold and fever. I keep his panadol in the fridge as i says not to store above 25 degrees celsius, but here in HK that's quite difficult and our appartment is super hot plus humid. How do you store your meds?

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    Most of the liquid ones, I just store in the fridge - although I know that places like the pharmacies and the Drs office just store them at room temp. For tablets/creams (which are more adult stuff rather than kid stuff) I store at room temp. Inside isn't as bad as out anyway as we run the AC when it's warm. One problem though is that our daughter (19 months) can open the fridge so it's not very "child safe". I probably should get one of those boxes that are hard to open and put them in that... At least with our room temp medicines, they're out of reach... Back home in Australia, we always just stored everything in the cupboard unless it specifically says it should be refrigerated...

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    we keep all liquid meds in the fridge.

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