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Frightening fall - horrible mother

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    NewMommie is offline Registered User
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    Frightening fall - horrible mother

    Something terrible happened yesterday with my 4 month old as I was getting off the escalator and I need advice.

    My stroller was apparently not locked in place, and as the stroller hit the top of the escalator it started to fold back and my baby, who was not strapped in because we had put her there asleep and were afraid to wake her with the buckling in, fell FACE FORWARD onto the floor. My husband raced forward and grabbed her - she was just lying face down. She was shocked and started crying. She had scraped her nose and there was a tiny spot of blood, but otherwise she appeared fine. We have learned our lesson but paid the price.

    Yesterday after we got her home, we gave her her bedtime bath and played with her, and she laughed and took her evening bottle and went to bed - slept a full 12 hours with 2 nighttime feeds (normal for her). She seemed sleepier than usual this morning and wanted to sleep in, but we had been out all Sunday so I assumed she was just exhausted. But today, she has been behaving differently - crying for no reason (something she never did before..she's always been so happy), crying when she wakes up startled from a nap, and I personally feel like she's mad at me because she preferred when the helper held her and she kicked me repeatedly when I was trying to play with her. (Maybe I am being paranoid, but it felt like she was purposely kicking me when I held her in my lap).

    I really think it was just a scape on the face, but could she have gotten so frightened that her temperament has changed and she is no longer a trusting baby? If so, will it go back to normal after a few days? What can I do to make her trust me again? I hope I don't sound hysterical but this feels much worse than the other threads I read where the moms accidentally didn't watch baby and s/he fell off the bed or couch onto the floor. This was completely my own fault - she was launched forward off the stroller not rolling on her own, and she even started bleeding...and she fell face first.

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    spajunky is offline Registered User
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    You are not a horrible mother - it was just an accident and I'm sure it wont happen again. Would it be worth taking her to the Doctors though to check that nothing is wrong with her? She might have pulled a muscle or something when she fell out of her buggy. It is far more likely that she has injured herself in some way that is not visible to the eye and the fact that she is acting out of character is a warning sign that something might be wrong.
    Accidents happen and I am sure she will be fine. Do get her checked out though and dont beat yourself up about it. I'm sure you are always looking out for her safety and you were unlucky that she fell out that one time.x

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    1stimemum is offline Registered User
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    i am so sorry to hear this. I have no such experience but something similar happened to my cousin and her 2 daughters cried at the top of their lungs for a while, (fell off the luggage trolley at the airport). anyway, 1yr later, its their favourite story to tell anyone about how their mummy 'flew' them off the luggage!!

    and regards trusting...those 2 will chat with anyone, esp mummy.

    I am sure you just feel guilty but your little one loves you just the same! take care.

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    jvn is offline Registered User
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    I think spajunky is right, if she carries on acting out of character maybe she did bash or twist something you can't see which is making her a bit grumpy on the other hand, she's four months old, she could be teething, she could be going though a phase. You're not always going to have an explanation when they have an off day.

    What I'm sure about is that she isn't angry with you and doesn't blame you - she's got no concept of what actually happened and who's 'fault' it was and most likely can't even remember this event which is preying on your mind.

    My boy nose dived off quite a high bed and landed on his nose, he got a nasty carpet burn and a bruised nose, he's fine now and although I felt guilty when it happened I'm sure he doesn't remember - yours sounds like a nasty fall but I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is.

    He's mobile now and when that happens it changes your perspective on falls and bumps because they start doing it all the time and although it frequently traumatises Mummy it doesn't bother him at all!

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    carang's Avatar
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    i would say, take her to the doctor NOW!

    1) it will ease your mind that nothing serious is wrong.
    2) if there IS something wrong, you won't have waited too long.
    3) your baby is 4 months old. this WILL NOT affect her for the rest of her life... she's just had a traumatic experience is all and it might take a few days to "come down" from it. it was an ACCIDENT...
    4) i agree completely with jvn... just wait until your little one tries the monkey bars, or the rope ladder or the roller skates, ice skates, hurdles, balance beam... you get the idea.... falls happen... they are ACCIDENTS...i would hazzard a guess and say most of them are not serious... BUT you should always be on the lookout for ones that MAY be.

    good luck!

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    I second Cara. It doesn't seem from your post that your baby bumped her head when she fell, but if she did or there is a possibility that she did, then take her to the doctor asap as she could have concussion which can be serious. Symptoms of concussion include being sleepier than usual and acting out of character. Better to err on the side of caution.

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    shuchisingh is offline Registered User
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    i third that... it might be nothing but it's better to show a doc and be sure.

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