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Chiropractic for babies with colic - any recommendations?

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    Chiropractic for babies with colic - any recommendations?

    I have heard that chiropractic treatments can be very helpful for babies with colic. Our baby girl is 5 weeks and is crying of colic every evening.

    Does anyone have any experience from this treatment and/or recommendations of practitioners?

    Many thanks

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    Hi AstaHK,
    Have you tried osteopathy? It's a bit gentler than chiropractic but quite effective. I'm a massage therapist and I work with an osteopath named Jonine Nash. She specializes in pediatric osteopathy at our clinic. She also works at Matilda hospital. The clinic is Sutherland-Chan Centre on 50 Stanley St. on the 19th Floor. I'm a fan of chiropractic with certain things, but I would recommend that first. The number there is 25445838. I had some osteopathy done on my baby a few months ago before Jonine started working at our clinic and I found it quite affective for my baby and her issues.

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