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Big bed

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    wow! you guys waited a long time to move them...(to my thinking, only) daughter has been in a big bed since she was about 18-20 months (at the latest...can't really remember). my son moved to a big bed when he was 14 months-ish...

    we never used toddler beds, just went straight to the big one. toddler beds, to me, are a waste of money... the kids grow so fast that you'll be buying another bed before you know it.

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    I am thinking about moving my daughter into a bed and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on using a futon rather than a mattress/bedframe. I find the futon comfortable to sleep on though I've only slept on it for a week at a time once or twice.
    I like the idea of the futon because: we already have it and its already in her room, its low to the ground so no worries about falling out of bed and we'd like to keep a bed large enough for guests.

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    We waited until child #2 forced the move from the crib. Saw no reason to rush the big bed thing (until he began climbing out). Something which the 2 YO is now learning how to do, so almost time for another bed switch.

    Futon seems like a fine idea to me. Not like home where everyone has their own room/bed plus room for an office and guest room.

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