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Kid not eating

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    We try not to have any snacks for a couple of hrs before dinner - and nothing after dinner. If she doesn't eat much of her dinner, I figure she'll make up for it at breakfast the next day. Kids eat when they're hungry and aren't going to starve themselves. I think that one thing is, if you want them to eat something in particular, but then you offer alternatives, then they know they they can pick and choose what they're going to eat. My 1.5 year old also can be fussy at time (each day last week she wanted pasta - and would cry if dinner was NOT pasta) - but we try to insist as much as we can that she does eat what we give her (ie, the same food as the rest of us). She often spits out her vegetables and doesn't like to eat them that much - but I figure if I cut it up small enough and stir it in with some of the other stuff, she'll inadvertently swallow a bit of it - and even if she chews them and spits them out, at least she's getting used to the taste of it. I don't make a huge deal about it at this age because you can't really reason with them. She does understand though if I tell her she has to eat one spoon of x before I'll give her y and she's generally pretty good at doing that... Overall, she's a pretty good eater, I'd say...

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    Can you imagine how much money we're throwing away by all this waste? I was just thinking about that today. I must waste $500-$1000 a month for all the stuff that my nearly 1.5 year old either won't try, spits out, or eats 2 bites of. Very frustrating. But we plug on:)

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    never thought of it that way! LOL! but i'm sure it would add up quickly!

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