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Lump on head

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    Lump on head

    My 2.5 year old boy recently got a lump on his head above the right ear. Medically it's called a scalp abscess or a carbuncle. At the beginning it's about the size of 1cm. We visited a paed on Day 3 and started giving him some oral antibiotics and tropical cream. After another 3 days the lump hadn't disappeared but rather got bigger to the size of about 2cm, and my son said it was painful. We visited the doctor again and he used a niddle to extract some but not all of the pus. He asked us to continue on the medication for another few days and eventually if the lump doesn't go off my son may need to go through a small operation in which a surgeon will cut the lump and take out the pus.

    I'm seriously hoping we don't have to go the surgery route. My son is not in fever, and he doesn't seem to feel a lot of pain after the partial extraction of the pus. But on the other hand, the remaining pus doesn't seem to be coming out on its own. I'm wondering whether anybody has gone through this before and did you eventually have to do a surgery? If not, how long did it take for the lump to subside on medication only?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Sorry to hear that your son is in pain. When I was a baby I had something similar on my neck which ended up being removed in surgery. I do not remember it but nothing has ever returned and I don't have a scar.

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