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Moving to Gold Coast with Newborn ~ which government clinic nearby?

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    Moving to Gold Coast with Newborn ~ which government clinic nearby?

    Hi everybody,

    I am looking to move to Gold Coast with my newborn baby. I was told that newborns need to see the doctor/health centres alot for checkup and needles etc. Alot of people said I shouldn't move there because it's very isolated. But I think there must be docs and gov clinics close by as many children in that precinct.

    Any recommendations of nearby clinics/

    ~ Especially government ones as I have hk ID card

    Thankyou for your help!

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    Gold Coast

    Below are the details for the government clinic in Tuen Mun, which is about a 5 minute taxi ride from the gold coast complex. I have not used it though, as I take my daughter to the paediatrician in central.

    Yan Oi MCH Centre
    1/F, Yan Oi Polyclinic,
    6 Tuen Lee Street, Tuen Mun

    Tel:2404 3720

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    You might want to compare the HK vaccination schedule with your home country's. I never actually got too many shots for my son at the gov't clinic since they weren't as comprehensive as I liked. At least half of them I went private. But the developmental checks at the gov't clinics are pretty good(better than private), so it would be worth going if just for that.
    The Gold Coast is isolated from the rest of HK but it's also got a sizable community and is very close to Tuen Mun town centre. There is actually an online resource and community board for the Gold Coast, but I can't remember the url or the name of it. Maybe someone else knows?

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    we, on the other hand, have ONLY had shots through the gov't clinic for both of our kids. if and when we return to our "home" country (when does it stop being home? i've been here 15+ years and still think of canada as home, but when i'm there, i think of hk as home! LOL!) we will check out what the norm is there and update any "missing" shots.

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