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Managing Baby Eczema

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    Managing Baby Eczema

    Hi Moms

    Have you seen an Allergist in your quest to manage eczema in your baby?

    How accurate/useful is the result on the skin? Could you recommend a good allergist in Hong Kong?

    Also, I will be happy to hear anything you wish to share on this subject.

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    I don't know any allergists, but how bad is it? My baby has little patches and she's about 7 months and we've just been using an organic oil twice a day and it seems to make it a lot better. It's by Mambino called Tippy toes and you can either get it at a shop in the building with the STarbucks on D'aguilar on the 11th floor or at Annerley. The midwives there recommended it and it's for eczema/cradle cap, etc.

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    this may sound strange but we put coconut oil on our baby's dry patches and even mix some of it (a tiny amount) in into his formula..coconut oil is a natural anti-viral, anti-fungal oil. we've found that it helps soothes the itch but also it really does 'heal' the eczema

    I've done a bit of research on coconut oil and eczema and all people say that the medium chain fatty acids (MFA's) help restore damaged skin. And because eczema could be a sign of toxins in the body we also put it in the formula so his body can absorb it and the oil can do its wonders haha.

    the one we use is called Bali Sun virgin coconut oil, it's certified organic (a must when buying coconut oil). We get it from City Super...but haven't seen it anywhere else.

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    hkmom1 is offline Registered User
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    We use california baby calendula cream on my son's ezema outbreaks and it seems to help a lot

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