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Recent travel tips to/from US?

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    Feb 2009

    Recent travel tips to/from US?

    Anyone recently flew to/from US? We are flying to JFK soon and wonder if anyone got some recent experience to share.

    I know there is second security check in HK for US flight where they are very strict with baby food, juice, etc. Is that true? How about at US airport -- is it worse?

    We will be on cathay flight leaving around 10am, so basically spending all day on the plane. I hope they serve enough meals for my toddler(18mth) and I (I'm with my second baby so tend to get hungry often)

    Interested to hear any recent good/bad experience!

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    newmother is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2009
    Hong Kong

    I just came back from the US and all the airports were really nice and accommodating with baby food. I had all the water and food in one cooler and they automatically asked if it was baby food and they let me take everything. Also, when I bought the ticket, I said I would like baby food and they gave me 2 jars of baby food for each meal. Hope you have a safe flight.

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    Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

    Don't know about the liquids thing, usually in HK airport they are fine if it's a sealed container - those premade tetra paks.

    Also be aware that most/some/all (who knows) airlines no longer recommend using lap belts if you haven't bought a seat for your little one. They recommend you hold on tight, which in my opinion isn't really an option for a long flight so you might want to look into taking your carrier or baby b'air. If you've bought him a seat, have a good look into your options there as well as I know people who have been asked to prove their car seat is FAA approved coming out of the states or they won't let you use it.

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    We just did the Cathay trip from HKG / JFK this past July. If you are in economy the food is not the greatest. I flew when I was 6 months pregnant and was always eating. I brought tons of snacks/sandwiches for myself and my 30 month year old. I would load up since the 2nd meal on the flight is basically the leftovers from the first. The snacks they have too are just cookies, instant ramen, kit kats etc...not the greatest. We didn't have any problems with bringing in his UHT milk and his apple juice. They never questioned my food either since we flew first from Singapore - I literally had a huge bag full of just my son's snacks and for myself.

    Coming back from JFK was fine too - nothing major with security.

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