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what to do-- black stain on 16 month old's teeth

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    what to do-- black stain on 16 month old's teeth

    I've noticed black stain on one of my son’s teeth. It does not look like something that can be brushed off although we’ve been brushing his teeth since he was 13 month old. The stain first appeared on one of the lower teeth. It seems to be appearing on another one that is one or two teeth away from that stained one.

    I also did a search online. It says that’s to do with iron in his diet. But we need to clean it more careful or get a dentist to scrub it before the stain takes root.

    I know perhaps should take him to see a dentist. But he gets hysterical once he sees someone in white gown at the hospital. I don’t imagine he will open his month for the dentist to check it out.

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    a lot of local children have the same black marks on their teeth. not sure if you can "get rid of it" if he is lacking in iron....that would seem to mean that the marks are actually in the teeth and not merely on the surface.

    i suggest you take him to see DR. Giles (listed on here) she wears scrubs with cartoon characters, has a tv with cartoon videos on the ceiling, gives the child a toy at the end of the appt etc....she's expensive but really tries to set the children at ease.

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    our dr says not to worry about baby teeth as long as you brush them daily... my son has some stains on his as well i'm not too worried about

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