Hi , my 9 mth old baby's paed is suspecting an inguinal hernia in my baby as he's got a rather swollen scrotum. In his earlier months, he's had hydrocele and that's cleared out. Was only recently that his scrotum became swollen again. We r bringing the baby to see a urologist. Just wondering if anyone out there can share any experiences or thoughts about this. Seems the only way to fix this is through a surgery under GA. I am checking around if there may be alternative methods as I really do not wish for my baby to hv to undergo a GA at this age...not to mention the other risks of a surgery. All the medical websites i go to suggest that its a really simple outpatient procedure but still, i would want to avoid a surgery at all cost. Seems TCM has a topical way of addressing this issue. Any thoughts? Homeophathy? I am so confused and desperate for a non-surgical alternative.
Kindly share your take on this issue pls.