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Paediatrician review : Dr Joseph Pang [thumbs down]

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    Paediatrician review : Dr Joseph Pang [thumbs down]

    I just want to share my experience with our visit with Dr Joseph Pang. We recently took our 1 week old for her first check up with Dr Pang whom we were introduced to at the Adventist hospital as our default paediatrician. He seemed ok enough so we thought we would give him a try. Upon arrival of the clinic everything seemed great. Even though the consultation was brief we were satisfied as it was a general check up. The problem is what happened afterwards when the nurse took us into another room to 'show' us how to clean the umbilical cord. The nurse's rough handling of bub's cord surprised me though I didn't say anything as I am a first time mother and thought maybe that's how it's supposed to be done to get it cleaned properly. She then wrapped the nappy back on and off we went. To my dismay, when we went home to bath our bub her whole bottom was red from how tight the nappy was wrapped (like when someone tied a rubber band on their wrist for too long). And the cord bled a lot more than usual that afternoon. These are minor things but I felt the need to call the clinic and bring it to their attention. The next day, Dr Pang returned my call but instead of an apology, I was told (in short) that his nurses are all registered and highly paid and educated hence know what they are doing. Newborns' nappies are supposed to wrapped up very tight and their bottoms go red especially when you go out. The umbilical cord was handled the way it was in order to clean it properly. In his over 20 years of working in Central he has never received a complaint like this and that if I think his nurses are so bad that I shouldn't go back to see him.

    As I have mentioned, I am a first time mum and don't know everything about my child and her health but I do expect my paediatrician to be caring and professional enough to guide me towards a better understanding on how to look after my bub. I don't want to jump the gun and over-react but this is my story and you can judge for yourself if you want to spend HK$1200 for this kind of service for you and your bub.

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    I'm a second time mum, but still very impressed when they handle this tiny bit of umbilical cord... there is no problem with pulling it (actually it helps it to fall quicker) but it's better to leave that to a nurse or a pedetrician, I never dared to clean it more than with a Q-tip !
    It happens that there is some blood, but it's just old blood. It lasted for 15 days for my daughter, you just need to clean everyday.

    I think you were right to call and show your concern, and it's not very fairplay from your pedetrician as he obviously took it personally. And it's not because someone is highly paid that he is good at his job !
    But nothing forces you to go back to him, you can chose another pedetrician if you want to !

    I know my pedetrician has always been great when I happened to call him, even late, and gave me a lot of good advices. If you are willing to change, he is Dr Paul Leung at Premier Medical Centre, in Central Building.
    You can also call Yvonne Heavyside at Familyzone, she can come to your place and show you all you want to know.

    Good luck !

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    do you know that you can register and take your children to the maternal and child healthcare centres provided by the gov't? they are also free! but you may have to wait a while to see the nurses/pediatrician.

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    I'm sorry about your horrid experience sweet_tomato.
    Sounds like a real arrogant doctor!

    I see a doctor at a clinic that is very much hands on. In our four years, we've never had a nurse do anything for the doctor. Our PD is Dr. Ken Chan at Lauren Bramley and Associates.

    At our 1 week appt., Dr. Chan knew I was concerned about the cord and how to handle it, he was the one who showed me how to clean it. I found him reassuring and relaxed and definitely hands on with my daughter.

    We also see the GP there - Dr Gerald Wong for our son's regular needs.

    *Not related to the appt. but just to demonstrate his persona - I should also add that we were 45 minutes late for our appt as traffic at the Central tunnel was horrid that day and although we apologised profusely, Dr. Chan was not the least bit grumpy about it! He was all smiles as usual. Told us not to worry about it.

    There are lots of PDs out there and it's hard for a first time mum to decide. Dr Pang definitely needs to be dumped for a much better PD! I hope you find someone that suits you better! It's hard being a first time mum. Don't need such medical professionals to make it worse!

    “If you want to get to the castle, you’ve got to swim the moat.” Richard Jenkins in Eat Pray Love

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    Hi Sweet_Tomato,

    I have been seeing Dr. Pang for almost 5 years now - I have two kids. I have to tell you, he's moody. There are days when he is so amiable and there are days when he's so curt and blunt. I have sometimes thought of switching to another pedia but by now, i know his moods a bit more so i don't take it personally. He's not a handholding kind of doctor and if you have a newborn, new to taking care of an infant and are quite new to Dr. Pang anyway, i would suggest to move to someone more caring.

    Sometimes he dismisses my kids' issues (like flatfootedness - after seeing a specialist, Dr. Pang was proven right) and at other times, gone to the extreme in saying i need a psychologist to figure out why my older kid was fighting against pooing in the potty (sorted itself out in time and with prune juice!).

    Am also lucky as i never have had (touchwood) any major emergency that needed my calling him after office hours (or even during, for that matter) becuase i am not sure how caring he would be. He had said in the past there is nothing so urgent that would need him to be called and if there was, you should be heading for the ER anyway.

    Save yourself the angst and money, find a sweeter doctor.

    All the best to you and your baby!

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    I feel sorry for your experience with the clinic. I just arrived HK from US this week and trying to look for a good pediatrician. My twin babies are 2 months old now. The doctors in New York and books that I read recommended to ignore the umbilical cord. Do not even clean it and it will fall off nicely. They did. I was told they should not have bath (just wipe their bodies with cloth) until the cords fall off.

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