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Teeth brushing HELP!!

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    e-Maternity is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2010
    Hong Kong

    I sometimes use the scaring technique. I bought a book called "Going to the Dentist" and it shows a picture of a set of teeth that has alot of cavities. My son is scared of bugs. So, I called the cavities "bugs". Then I tell him that if he doesn't brush his teeth, he'll also get bugs on his teeth!! It works like a charm when I help him brush his teeth! :)

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    plumtree is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
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    Carrying on in the same vein as e-Maternity, we were lucky enough to find a Youtube video of a young man who did not brush his teeth but loved sweet drinks. My son was fascinated by the pictures of the blackened stumps of teeth and it was very effective in persuading him that tooth brushing should be a part of his daily routine. Also, getting him a nice toothbrush helped: my son is crazy about Shinkensen trains and we found a Shinkensen toothbrush in Apita in Cityplaza.
    (Youtube can be so useful sometimes....)

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    carey is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    We've tried different things, singing, distraction: washing his hands (let him play with water while trying to brush), brushing together with him, an a electric tooth brush. All worked for a while and then he rebels and refuse to even open this month.

    We have not tried ipad yet. But I am afraid he might sink that into the water or gets additive to watching things on screen. He is so additive to the Gymboree Dvds that he can't have enough of it.

    The big concern for us now is that even we brush his teeth two times a day since long time ago, he still gets this black stain on his lower front teeth. And it looks like the stain is accumulating on the upper front teeth too. Will take him to a dentist next week to find out what we could do about it.

    By the way, could mums tell me where I can get electric tooth brush that come with replacement heads? We bought an electric tooth brush from Eugene club. But they don't sell replacement brush. It's all wore out now.

    Thank you and good luck in winning the fight.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    South District

    I normally sit my daughter on the counter top and let her play with water and wash her feet whilst I try to brush her teeth. she's distracted and now after doing that for a couple months, I can brush her teeth with the feet washing cause she's grown to like eating her toothpaste! (don't know that's any good's kids tooth paste...hoping it's OK)...when she's really in a bad mood, then we have to put her in front of the TV (news is what she watches!) that always works...but not something I want to use too much of. good luck guys!

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