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Red skin fold and other skin problem

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    Not sure if it is relevant for eczema or not but I spoke to my pediatrician about redness under my babies arms, in skin folds etc (very mild) and he advised against using vaseline as it traps the moisture in which can aggravate the redness. In her case it was related to the heat and sweating, so not sure if that would be the same for eczema or not....

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    I have a cat and two daughters. One (child!) had the same problem as your DD and the other has perfect skin. The one with sensitive skin (as we call it), has just that - sensitive skin. It has nothing to do with the cat.

    Her skin breaks out in a rash all over when she has her immunizations (just to give you some indication)! That is just the way she is. We manage it by using baby clothes washing detergent (even though she is not a baby anymore) and pH5.5 (or 5.1) bath wash -- and we also found we had to 'test' all of them too as some, such as the QV and the strange one starting with "M" both flared her skin worse! No face paint as that cause redness and when her excema flares we use the steroid cream (found elidell, not sure of the spelling - the best for her whole body as it is not greasy but costs $$$) for a few days just to keep it under control.

    We also try to encourage her to use Sorbalene (again, sorry about the spelling) as it doesn't have perfume but she generally hates creams so it doesn't always happen.

    Diet is also a consideration. Although we didn't really explore that. Have been told it can help keep sensitive skin under control.

    As others have said, he may grow out of it. My DD is better than she was but I don't think she will ever be completely free -- I know that she will not have an acne problem when she is older though so I guess she is dealing with it now (we have the same type of skin complex)

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    My son also had very bad skin at about 4 months - his eczema was so very bad and covered most of his body. I would not use talc as it stops the skin breathing and also traps the sweat in the creases - I agree with TNT.

    Do not use soap in his bath - just water or water and natural oil (olive is fine) or aqueous cream. I found that if I didn't want to use the steriod cream I would need to apply aqueous cream or Aveno cream (not sure if you can get this in HK) atleast 4 times a day to the effected areas - I basically applied cream every time I changed his nappy - he is now 8 months old and I still apply the cream but his skin is a lot better - as others said I think he may out grow it.

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