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Daddy in charge for the day - What should we do?

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    Daddy in charge for the day - What should we do?

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the forum, so hello to everyone.

    I'm a man in my 30's with a 1YO daughter (Isabella). My wife is a stay at home mum so normally takes care of most things.

    My wife is going to start working again part time to ease herself back into work and next weekend I'll only be me and Bella

    To make the most of our time I'd like to try and plan as many things as possible for us to do and this is where I'm currently stuck. Any ideas of places to go and things to do would be much apprieciated.

    We live in Tseung Kwan O area, so can get most places via MTR or Bus.

    Many thanks in avance!

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    Why don't you try playtown. I think there is one in Kwun Tong. Otherwise there is a playhouse in Megabox (opens at 12pm) then you could go to Ikea for lunch afterwards.
    I wouldn't try to fill the whole day with activities otherwise you might find yourself with a very tired 1yr old at the end of the day. We always payed the price the next day as well if we tried to do too much with our kids.

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