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    My 4 month old has been exclusively on Meiji formula since about 2 weeks ago. For 2 weeks before that, she was getting expressed BM once a day and the rest Meiji formula.

    As my supply of breastmilk decreased and she got more formula, we went through 2 days of no poop, what I imagine was her body adjusting. Then, she started pooping everyday again until 5 days ago.

    She then went a full three days without pooping. I got desperate and tried diluted prune juice. That worked within about 12-15 hours. Now, it's been another 24 hours since she's pooped. I don't want to start this prune juice "solution" as a vicious cycle.

    Should I be worried if she goes 4 days without pooping? The last time she went 2 days without, her poop was soft. However, she would wake a few times during the night. I imagine discomfort, but during the day she seemed fine. I've been trying to give her a little bit of water (she hates it) before her milk now...

    Should I just wait it out to see if she eventually starts pooping normally again? I mean, could this just be her body adjusting to a new poop "cycle"?

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    I remember a few of the babies in our baby group had a similar thing happen at around 4 months. I think they say up to a week is ok and after that use the suppositories/prune juice to get things moving. I don't think you need to worry, but I would always err on the side of caution and get her checked out if you're at all concerned. I would also give her some water between feeds as this can help without being as radical as prune juice. Once you start solids things will change again!

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