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Diaper Concern

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    Diaper Concern


    I have a few questions:
    1. Can anyone tell me whether it is safe to use diapers for a 2 month old baby? 2. And what are the precautions that need to be taken when a baby wears diapers?
    3. Please let me know if a cloth nappy is good enough for a baby in winter season. Please let me know where to buy the nappies from , in HK?


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    we used diapers since day 1 with our sons - hospitals put them right on. no major precautions. we just make sure it's changed often and immediately after he poos as to prevent diaper rash. we used barrier creme to also prevent rashes while wearing the diaper.

    I've seen cloth nappie at 360 in Central.

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    Can I just add that you have to be really careful to wash your baby after each change and DRY him properly in the creases otherwise the very delicate skin in that area does suffer, especially for the very young ones. Also, if you are washing the nappies yourself then they should be done on a very hot wash to avoid multiplying the bacteria.

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    The best place to buy diapers in Hong Kong is actually at the neighborhood pharmacies, which is much cheaper than the chain store supermarkets and pharmacies. We've used Huggies for the newborn size and for the sizes larger than that, we like Pet Pet. We particularly like the wetness indicator, especially when the babies are small as we couldn't always tell when the diapers were wet! For diaper creams, we use Medela, which is 10% zinc oxide. We've never had any allergy or skin problems associated with these brands. Good luck!

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    i've always used diapers and the only thing I would recommend is changing them frequently so your baby does not get diaper rash. if you do, Decitin (bought in welcome / park n shop) is very effective and less costly then some other name brands.

    i had thought about cloth diapers but I wasn't 100% sure of how to ensure that the diaper was 100% clean and disinfected each time, so I ended up using disposable diapers instead.

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