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Taking 20 month old away from her nanny

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    Taking 20 month old away from her nanny

    Hi! I'm desperate for some advice. Am so torn. My daughter has been sleeping with her nanny since birth, she is very attached to her most of the time, but she is okay when she knows its the nanny's day off. I think she's naturally a very clingy child, she ok at home but gets a bit nervous in unfamiliar places.

    I know I started out wrong by leaving her all to the nanny at night and desrve my jealousy issues now. I'm trying to slowly get her used to being put to sleep by me now. We've been doing it for a week and theres been quite a lot of crying so far!

    I'm thinking of bringing her on a trip for 3 weeks without the nanny but am not sure if it will do more damage than help. Has anyone been in a similar situation who can give me some advice?


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    I find that if spending time reading stories and singing songs to my little one before bedtime helps to calm him down for sleep. And do it consistently when you are home. Try to make an effort to do it every day that you are at home and not only when she sleeps with you and soon you will see that she wont be so attached to the nanny at bedtime . Children like structure even at bedtime. Your nanny has her way to make her sleep and you will need to develop your way to make her sleep so that she will sleep anywhere as long as she gets her used to it.

    So find out what calms her down for sleep - when he was 20months old , my boy loves listening to the nursery rhyme CDs or my singing some songs to him.


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    personally, i think going away is a great idea ONLY if when you come back, you ALL follow your new pattern.

    it was while away that my daughter decided she was too big for a pacifier (she was about 18-19 months at the time and ONLY had it at bedtime). it was also while away that she decided she was too big for pull-ups at bedtime. i told her she could try going to bed with just panties or she would pee on grandma's bed. she's been nappy-free ever since.

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